UL’s European Center of Excellence for Fire Resistance

Fire and smoke control testing of doors, doorsets and windows.

Fire door testing service for Europe, the UK, the U.S. and Canada with a single combined fire resistance test program

Utilizing our fire testing facility in Rosenheim, Germany, we can conduct a single combined fire resistance test that includes critical requirements of the UL test standards for North America, EN test standards for Europe and BS test standards for the UK. It is the only European laboratory that can support testing for the UL Mark for access to North America and can conduct testing to support the new EN 16034 fire-door Product Standard for CE Marking. In addition, we can offer environmental and durability test capabilities.

Our engineers have extensive UL, EN and BS standards experience which includes serving on standards writing committees. Our team have created a single, combined test program that caters for all needs to assess compliance with all critical requirements, including:

  • UL standards – includes specific requirements in UL10C such as the hose stream test.
  • EN standards – includes additional requirements including unexposed face thermocouple positioning and attention to furnace pressure.
  • BS standards – BS test method addressed via the adoption of the EN standard subject to an expert judgement prior to and after the completion of testing.

This unique test method saves time to market and initial and ongoing costs.

Suitable products

The combined fire resistance test method is suitable for fire resisting doors that are intended to demonstrate compliance with one or more of the following standards:

  • UL 10B
  • UL 10C
  • EN 16034
  • EN 1634-1
  • BS 476: Part 22: 1987
  • ISO 3008
  • CAN/ULC-S104

The test may also be used to demonstrate the fire resistance performance of building hardware products:

  • Locks, door closers, hinges: The fire test should be used with the appropriate mechanical performance test to obtain an overall performance ‘approval’ for the element of hardware. UL’s Notified Body can also assist to achieve a CE mark. Potential test programs for UL and CE Marks can be prepared for many of these products.
  • Door frame and/or the glazed aperture: A ‘stand-alone’ approval may not be possible but the fire test evidence can be used to supplement other test evidence to enable a fuller approval – to any of the three mentioned test standards.

CE Marking for fire doors and fire door hardware 

As a Notified Body to the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011, UL UK can evaluate fire doors and fire door hardware to applicable EN standards and issue the CE Certificate of conformity. For doors and door hardware to be sold in Europe, the CPR requires that products demonstrate conformity to EN standards through type testing. A combined UL/EN test can be used as that ‘type test’. In addition, product manufacturers must use a Notified Body who should ’control’ the product testing and on-going inspection of the manufacturer’s FPC systems. 

UL can cater for all of these needs whilst at the same time addressing the requirements for the UL Mark.