UL’s European Center of Excellence for Fire Resistance

Tested in Europe, certified for the world.

Certification for all target markets.

We offer testing to third-party product certification schemes for CE Marking, UL-US and UL-EU certification as well as European Technical Assessments (ETAs). We certify your products for Europe, the U.S., Canada, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia – in a single, combined test process.

UL Certification – access to North America and beyond.

The UL facility in Rosenheim, Germany, can test products to UL, ULC, and ASTM standards and is the only European laboratory that can conduct testing to support the UL Mark for access to North America and many other regions globally including Latin America, Middle East and Asia. The UL Mark is the most widely recognised and accepted evidence of a product’s compliance with U.S. and Canadian safety requirements. To consumers, installers, code and regulatory authorities, the UL Mark is North American’s most valued product safety symbol. Building products carrying the UL Mark reflect compliance to relevant UL safety requirements and show compliance with U.S. based building codes.

CE Marking and ETA for building materials

UL is an accredited Notified Body (Number 0843) to the European Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC (CPD). This enables us to assess fire-resistance products to applicable EN standards and issue the CE Certificate of conformity.

There are two routes to demonstrating CE Marking compliance: 

  • (h)EN via a Notified Body (NB) 
  • ETAG or EAD via an ETA Issuing Body (AB) 

For products covered by (h)EN – also known as a Product Standard – CE Marking is mandatory if the product is to be offered for sale in Europe. Also many construction products are covered by ETAGs (European Technical Approval Guidelines) or an EAD (European Assessment Document), resulting in a European Technical Assessment (ETA) that is then used for CE Marking. Because UL is both a Notified Body (NB) and an ETA Issuing Body (AB), our compliance experts can help you understand the requirements and options for CE Marking and for ETAs. 

The UL-EU Mark – a pan European Mark for global certification recognition

Our voluntary European certification mark – the UL-EU Mark – is available for many types of construction products and delivers several benefits:

  • The certificated product and scope is included in the UL Product iQ certifications platform (formerly known as the UL Online Certifications Directory).
  • A single UL team can help you gain the CE Marking and UL-EU Mark with a single product submittal.
  • The UL-EU Mark indicates a product’s compliance with the EN or ETAG/EAD safety standards needed for CE Marking, so the CE Marking requirements are covered at the same time.
  • Products carrying the UL-EU Mark are also placed under UL’s Follow-Up Services program to determine on-going conformity with product safety requirements.
  • We can deliver a combined, transcontinental UL Mark for the EU, the U.S. and Canada, saving time and resources for eligible products. With the combined UL Mark, UL customers selling their products in Europe and the key markets of the United States, Canada and other regions where the UL Mark is accepted have a unique opportunity to earn a combined Mark with one product submittal.
  • We can deliver combined factory inspections for Europe (UL-EU and CE Marking) and North America (UL-US, UL-CAN or ULC Mark).

British standards approval.

Despite the increasing adoption of European Standards, some countries and bodies still require ‘approval’ based upon British Standards (BS). We can include the requirements of the BS standard within the combined fire resistance test, as needed, and can even test to UL, EN and BS Standards in one test – all contributing to quicker certification.

The fast route to international markets. Through a single, combined test project.

For products and systems intended for international markets, the fire testing can be combined in a single project that includes critical requirements of the UL standards for North America and the EN and BS test standards for Europe. Our engineers from UL, EN and BS standards backgrounds and relevant standards writing committees have created unique, combined test methods that cater for all compliance needs required for UL Certification, CE Marking and European Technical Assessments (ETAs). With one test project and one point of contact. Hand in hand with you, we develop the test package that meets your individual needs and optimises your go-to-market strategy.

Your added value:

  • Access markets in Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia – in one process, with one point of contact
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Reduce initial and ongoing costs 
  • Demonstrate compliance with more global standards

There’s no need to involve multiple testing/certification bodies in project planning and surveillance visits. We can do it all – resulting in the fastest route to certification and the marketplace.