UL’s European Center of Excellence for Fire Resistance

Build with confidence.

Around the globe, UL works to help customers, purchasers and policymakers navigate market risk and complexity. We remove barriers and solve critical challenges to help businesses, innovators and buyers achieve what’s possible. We build trust in the safety, security and sustainability of products, organisations, and supply chains – enabling smarter choices and better lives. In all we do, we apply science and expertise to enable the responsible design, production, marketing and purchase of the goods, solutions and innovations of today and tomorrow. 

Strengthening safety and simplifying market access for the building materials industry out of the heart of Europe, linked to a global network.

Fire protection remains critical to the structural integrity of a building and the safety of its occupants. Understanding how materials react to fire and knowing that materials respond appropriately can help manufacturers produce safer products and enables building owners, architects and others to design buildings with confidence. 

As a testing organisation, certification organisation and standards development organisation, UL contributes to public safety globally in a visible, tangible way every day.  With our roots firmly in fire safety, we have earned a global reputation as a leader in applying testing methods, highly sophisticated fire data modeling techniques and technical expertise to addressing fire-related issues. 

Our fire testing facility in Germany, established in partnership with the renowned ift Rosenheim Institute, offers the European market a vast portfolio of testing and certification services for building materials according to most international fire-resistance and reaction to fire standards. The German laboratory is closely linked to UL’s global network of advisory, testing, and certification expertise, helping our customers bundle services, understand the needs of other global markets, and quickly access their target markets.

Your benefits of working with UL.

Save costs and time to market

  • UL can test to UL, EN and BS standards in one test with one set of engineers, contributing to faster certification, reduced costs and more efficient global market access.
  • There’s no need to involve multiple testing/certification bodies in project planning and surveillance visits. We can do it all.
  • The possibility to work with one organisation for all your testing and certification needs can result in the fastest route to your target markets and reduces costs associated with potential test redundancies and delays.

Work with a global expert

  • Worldwide testing and certification leadership
  • State-of-the-art testing facilities
  • Highly experienced technical experts for UL and European standards 
  • A competitive price and fast turnaround time  
  • Comprehensive, global Follow-Up Service for ongoing Product Quality Assurance
  • Listing in the UL Product iQ certification platform (formerly UL Online Certification Directory)

European partner for product testing, evaluation, certification and know-how transfer.

UL is a leading independent global product safety and certification company that has been helping to develop standards and innovative safety solutions for more than 120 years. UL was founded in 1894 as Underwriters Laboratories in the U.S. The headquarters for Europe and Latin America is UL International Germany GmbH, located in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt. We have more than 13,000 employees in 44 countries worldwide. We work closely with companies, manufacturers, industry associations and international government authorities to support market readiness in an ever-changing global environment and to meet the growing market need for safety, security, sustainability and transparency in an increasingly complex global value chain.

We provide services in the areas of certification, validation, testing, verification, inspection, audit, advisory and training.

Access to markets in Europe, North America, Central and South America, the Middle East and Asia

UL understands the unique challenges that manufacturers face through new technologies and ever-changing regulatory and industry requirements, and helps them quickly launch their products in regional and international markets. In the case of technical products, the road to market launch may be rocky. UL helps customers successfully launch their products with customised testing and certification solutions that combine regional and global compliance services.

We are the experts for access to the North American market. However, our reach goes far beyond that. With a large number of accredited state-of-the-art laboratories and local experts strategically located across Europe, we can test and certify an extremely wide range of products for compliance with local, regional and international standards for access to markets in Europe, North, Central and South America, the Middle East and Asia.